Weight of Football Players

It is important to approach this topic with an open mind. Most soccer athletes are lean but how do you approach that a small percentage of overweight players can have a big impact on their development. Before you stop reading because you feel this is not valid, ask yourself this question, I would recommend that soccer players overweight Data sgp exercise 20+ minutes continuously to lose weight? If that is your recommendation, please continue reading. You can very well influence Football players in a number of ways: 1. increase the likelihood of injury 2. decrease performance.

Misconceptions about weight loss and Football training throughout the year tend to worsen the situation. Traditional weight loss programs tell us that to lose weight you have to get on an exercise bike, walk or do an elliptical machine for 20+ minutes a day at least 3 times a week.

Through further analysis I hope that you will see why it is not recommended to lose weight through long drawn out sessions.

Performance can decrease

In the athletic world some things are more important than walking fast, cutting fast and jumping high. Every day we hear from athletes who have 40 inches of vertical jumps or can run 40 yard dashes in 4.3 seconds. This is a world class number that requires both good genetics and proper practice. Athletes who have such large numbers can literally have excelled at almost every speed of the sport with proper training growing.

How can walking 20 minutes continuously day after day affect the athletic football of this overweight player? A number of studies and countless hours of experience by many have shown that steady state sports continuously negatively affect power. Power provides a booster for fast running and high jumping driven by fast twitching fibers. Simply put, the faster you have twitch fibers, the faster you will walk.

By doing long drawn out runs you begin to not only train your slow twitching fibers, but also change the properties of fast twitching fibers to slow down. This makes you a slower athlete.

Increased hood is likely to be injured

The body is exposed to up to seven times its body weight at each step while running. (1) Exposing the body to repeated poundings when unable to eventually can cause excessive injury.

This is very important for overweight athletes. Exposing 180 pound athletes who are only adjusted to handle 150 pounds for recurrent trauma causes a large weight bearing deficit for each step taken. If each step during running causes seven times the weight of the corpse to pound, that is 210 pounds more, in this example, than the body used for each step. That is the equivalent of nearly one adult person driving that athlete back for 20 minutes running. Over time how do you think this athlete will be fair?

How to set the right weight loss program for overweight Football players

This is based on trained and unscathed players. You need to start the initial stages on a bicycle or elliptical machine to lose weight. continuous training in the initial stages only for the body to adapt to the hard workouts to come. If the athlete goes well enough and loses a large amount of weight, have them start walking at a later stage of this plan. Start these athletes at the intro level then move them to beginners and so on. This is just an example. I suggest you consult with trainers in your area and doctors before moving forward.

Intro level
Start with a steady exercise for longer to get your body adjusted to exercise. Maintain easy speed. This might seem like a contradiction from before but it must be done so that untrained overweight athletes don’t get injured.

Week 1: 15 minutes continuously.
Week 2: 20 minutes continuously.
Weeks 3: 20 minutes continuously but take a little step so that the athlete is now exercising at a higher intensity.

This is where you will really take steps. Athletes in this stage must be breathless.

Week 4: 3 minutes for 2 reps.
Week 5: 3 minutes for 3 reps.
Week 6: 4 minutes for 3 reps.
Week 7: 4 minutes for 4 reps.

athletes must rest the same amount of time between reps as the exercise progresses. If the rep lasts 3 minutes then rest 3 minutes until you do the next 3 minutes rep.

level is very difficult, close to the maximum, but not enough.

Week 8: 30 seconds 3 times. Do this for 2 sets. That is a total of 6 reps.
Week 9: You will rest the athlete by cutting a few reps. 30 seconds 4 times.
Week 10: 45 seconds 3 times for 2 sets.

the athlete must rest twice the duration of the exercise and 3 minutes between sets. If the exercise lasts 30 seconds rest 1:00 min.

This advanced
level is done at an intensity of 100%. You will rest 5 times the duration of the exercise between reps and about 3 minutes between sets.

Week 11:15 seconds, 2 sets of 5 reps.
Week 12:15 seconds, 2 sets of 6 reps.

Making the best possible athlete is important for the success of your Soccer team. But implementing the correct exercise program for athletes who need to drop some weight is the key to their success. It’s not good to get an athlete to lose weight by doing long continuous runs if they are injured all the time. Remember one of the main goals of strength and conditioning is injury prevention.

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